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So I'm stuck on Zelda and I thought I'd break the monotony with some journal posting.  Scads of things are different in my life now, scads. The biggest of which is that I've joined the Navy, yeah, no shit.  I actually went through with it this time.  My motives are pretty clear, I want to be able to provide for a family(should I choose to ever have one), I want some action and adventure, I want to get the hell out of Asheville, I want to play haphazardly with my own mortality, and I want that fat sign on bonus that the nuclear program the tune of one hundred thousand dollars, and an additional two hundred thousand if I re-up for an additional 6 years.  the money alone is worth selling my life to uncle sam.

I'm really tired of the world around me and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get out of this dead end town.  I was offered quite a bit of money  to go into the seal program, and I'm seriously considering it, I did however promise some folks that I'd stay away from the dangerous jobs, but you only live once right?

I'm not too interested in living my life for other people anymore, for once, I'd like to be the master of my own destiny, and if that means taking on a really dangerous responsibility, then so be it.  I always did want to be a really highly trained black ops guy, so if this is my chance then, yee haw.


so today I finally got Shannon's engagement ring.  it took a little time for it to travel from point a to b, but i finally got it today, and I am more excited than I could even hope to just look at it and tell me how good I did.

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freaking amazing

My feets are dirty

My life is 100%, absolutely perfect.

as I said last post, I am engaged. that's right, I wasn't kidding when I said it. I am engaged to be married to Shannon. I never EVER thought that I would settle down this young in lfe...actually that's a lie. I always wanted to settle down relativly early. Especially since I figure I got rid of all my wander lust in the sophomore year of my college life. Shannon asked me though, which is cool. although I had always had this huge elaborate plan for what I wanted to do in reference to asking the love of my life to marry me.
The plan is as follows:
1) Speak to her father- I always planned to speak with her father before I even asked her. You know, not for permission or anything like that, but I feel like it's always a good start to, if not get the father's approval, to at least make the effort to speak with him...cause even if he doesn't like me, he'll remember that I was a stand-up guy in regards to his little girl.
2) Find the perfect ring. Of course it would be different for different girls. I want to do something, not necessarily unique, but not cliche'.
3) the perfect setting/ time- I like the fall, when the super colorful leaves are falling like snow, hopefully a lake or pond somewhere nearby...but god...I just can't put into words how I wanted it to be.

HOWEVER, I don't really even care about whether or not I got to put the plan into action, because I've come to know that the magic isn't in the way it's done, the magic is in that it's done, and i honestly couldn't be more happy.
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Can Life Be Any Better?


All is right with the world right now.  Josh is back, I go dancing lots, I'm engaged, Josh is back, there's lots of drinking going on, and I really like Indian food!

Last night We all went to Scandals, and like always, it was rox0r.  I should bring a camera next time so i can capture all the hijinx that go on.
Friday night I went Salsa dancing with Shannon and her friend Julie, it was a little awkward because I hadn't ever danced like that, but I think that with a few lessons and a few more visits, I can be pretty ok(or at least not look like an awkward white dude)

ok, so last week I saw the most amazing belt-buckle at an antique store downtown, and I really wanted it, but it was one hundred and fifty dollars( you need to remember that part) and I also saw a 50 year old, un-opened pack of lucky strikes...for thirty dollars, I think I may go buy it...and smoke it...because it would be fucking awesome.

Yesterday afternoon Shannon told me that she got me a gift, and that I couldn't be mad at her....which is never the best thing to preface a statement with, but oh well. I actually didn't think much of it.  So I go to meet Shannie at Drew's(not coffee drew, jill's drew)apartment.  and she gives me the gift....

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I was shocked, initially, but then I got the warm fuzzies, because of the sentiment.  This wasn't just a generic gift, it was something that she knew I really loved, and I don't care if it was free or twenty million dollars(cause I care shit for how much a gift costs) I love Shannon more and more every day, and I'm thankful every day that I made the decision I made, for it was the right one.

but doesn't that buckle kick ass???


To the face

I think I'm going to stop working at Domino's.  Why?  because it is kind of like having your testicles mashed....verrrrrrrry slooooooooowly, over a long period of time.  I'm going to apply at burgermeister's first though, I heard the owner is very tattoo friendly, since he is covered, and hangs out at the shop, I figure it's going to be an easy in.

Josh came home last weekend and it was awesome, he brought three of his boys and they are now my boys, for the most part I think that josh has good taste in friends.  They are all coming up again this weekend, and we're all going to Scandals...and by everyone I mean prolly around thirty of us are going to be there.  First we take over Denny's, then the coffee shop, and now Scandals. Josh had a party on saturday and it was crazy....he almost beat up this dude that earned the name, "skinny shirtless kid".  the whole shirtless thing is a story too long to explain. but a good thing is that over the past weekend, Christie and I have made up and now we're cool, as far as I can tell.

I got a cool new tattie the other day's awesome and it has a banner that reads "Corazon De Oro", because I DO have a heart of gold, and coincidentally I also wear my heart on my sleeve.

I feel like I'm in a dream lately.  Shannon and I are doing absolutely amazingly.  It almost feels too good to be true, I really don't want it to stop, and this time I'm not going to get a wild hair and potentially mess everything up.  I don't like feeling like I'm rushing anything, but I really want to make her my wife.  we were talking about if I had to move away, and I asked her if she'd come with me, and she said that she would go where I go.  I know that is a hard thing to think about.  Up rooting yourself and all. But I'd never expect her to give up any of her plans or goals for me, and I'm sure she wouldn't ask that from me.  I just think that my plans have room in them for a partner, because we can do what we're doing now anywhere.  Just some random thoughts, I haven't got anything figured down to the letter yet, but I think the possibility of my leaving Asheville for a while is greater than 60%

anyway, I go to bed now and listen to the adventures of Roland-son of stephen, Eddie-son of wilbur, Susannah-daughter of none, and Jake-son of elmer.
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Tattie number 21

I got yet another fucking roxor tattoo last night, and it only took all of five hours from arrival to departure.  When Tony's involved I can't really fault him for taking his time because I know that's when he works his mastery of the ELECTRIC TATTOO MACHINE!!! 

Take a shower and shine your shoes

rocking your world, one day at a time.
School is going actually fairly well this semester, I'm surprized.
Prizefighter Inferno's album is absolutely genius
I'm getting another tattoo tomorrow and I can't hardly wait....I needs me the's been over two months.
I'm very excited with the way things are going this time around, it's like nothing ever happened and no one ever left...but even better, it's so hard to describe, I'm just totally head over heels, and I never want to get up again.
Sometimes I wonder how I could have ever been so stupid as to doubt what was.  And well, we all make mistakes, but if I ever make a mistake like THAT, please....feel free to embarass me infront of my friends...cause, I

The Dutchess of York Plays linebacker for the Saints

I love Pandora, I just found so many new bands that I'm going to have to download and listen to.  huzzah huzzah.

Josh comes home soon.  and with him comes the possible end of the world, you know what I mean.  Buckfest will commence with the ceremonial downing of the shots.  We four powerhouses of putting 'em down with drink our signature shot, or whichever liquor that we're most easily recognized with.
Josh-Sailor Jerry's Rum
Chris-Mezcal Reposado(with scorpion)
Daniel-Scotch(or possibly, Jack Daniel's)

The olympics has the lighting of the torch, and we have a four way drink off.

I hope you fools are ready for the drunken olympics.  Because Team DETHCLOK cannot be beat.